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Jonathan Lonsdale
Consulting Director, Energy

Jonathan has over 20 years experience in the fields of energy, environment and climate change. He leads ICF's European work on low carbon technology innovation, finance and supply chains. He also plays a key role in evaluation services for public sector low carbon innovation policies and support programmes.

Jonathan is recognised as an expert in the design and assessment of novel financial instruments for funding low carbon innovations. In 2016 he directed a complex study for DG Research & Innovation (European Commission) to investigate innovative financial instruments for first-of-a-kind low carbon energy demonstration projects. For DG Climate Action (European Commission) he has recently concluded a study to identify key lessons from the €2.1 billion NER 300 grant programme for low carbon demonstration projects.

Jonathan has extensive knowledge of global opportunities in  low carbon markets and associated deployment challenges, gained through working for a £55m low carbon venture fund and the UK government as well as in strategic environmental consulting, providing advice to private companies wishing to diversify and enter low carbon markets.