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Andrew Jarvis
Vice President, Research and Evaluation

Andrew is an Executive Director in ICF's European Consultancy business where he leads a line of business providing research, evaluation and analytical services to public and private sector clients in the UK and wider European Union. 

Andrew has more than twenty years' of experience in consultancy and government service. He has led evaluations, impact assessments, policy research studies and technical support contracts for clients in the UK, EU, China and in international organisations. He has provided policy and economic analysis to support decisions on a wide range of issues, from infrastructure investment to consumer policy, agriculture to innovation. He has a particular interest in environmental and food chain issues.

He was senior policy advisor for energy, environment and innovation in the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, Cabinet Office, from 2006 to 2008, in which role he provided advice to the Cabinet Office and Downing Street. He has also been Senior Research Fellow and Associate Fellow at Chatham House, the think tank. 

Insights by Andrew Jarvis