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Tommy Hendrickson, Ph.D.
Senior Managing Consultant, Climate Change
Tommy Hendrickson has worked in climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience assessments for complex infrastructure systems since 2009. In adaptation, he works in assessing vulnerabilities to water, energy, and transportation infrastructure systems, and incorporating climate change into risk management approaches. In mitigation and sustainability, he specializes in utilizing life-cycle assessment (LCA) in analyzing greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions associated with waste management, consumer electronics, water and wastewater infrastructure, renewable energy systems, alternative fuels, vehicle technologies, and private company operations.
Tommy's work at ICF focuses on determining climate adaptation and environmental mitigation solutions, collaborating closely with local, state, federal, and private clients. In GHG mitigation projects, he has led the development of GHG mitigation strategies, implementation of emission reduction projects, and assessment of project co-benefits. In climate adaptation and resilience, he works with clients to assess system vulnerabilities to changing climate hazards, and leads the development of adaptation strategies that address and account for deep uncertainties in future planning.

Insights by Tommy Hendrickson, Ph.D.