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Marin Greenwood, Ph.D.
Managing Director, Biology and Aquatic Sciences
Ph.D., The Fish Populations of the Lower Forth Estuary, Including the Environmental Impact of Cooling Water Extraction, University of Stirling, U.K., 2002
M.S., Applied Fish Biology, University of Plymouth, U.K., 1997
B.S., Aquatic Bioscience, University of Glasgow, U.K., 1996

Marin Greenwood is an aquatic ecologist with nearly 20 years of experience conducting studies of applied fish ecology in the United Kingdom, Florida, and California, principally in estuarine and freshwater habitats. His recent work in California includes conducting the effects analysis of the California WaterFix/Bay-Delta Conservation Plan; writing the biological assessment for the DWR Emergency Drought Barriers Project; conducting effects analyses for biological assessments to support the remanded biological opinions of the Coordinated Long-Term Operations of the Central Valley Project and State Water Project; evaluating factors affecting predation and predatory fishes at the Head of Old River; and assessing effects to fish habitat of the Sacramento River Bank Protection Project. Marin’s previous work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission included assessing effects of tidal river flow regimes, hurricanes, and backwater habitats on fishes and other nekton.

Marin’s Ph.D. research focused on estimating the magnitude of fish mortality by impingement on the cooling-water-intake screens of the United Kingdom’s largest direct-cooled power plant, and subsequently estimating losses of equivalent adults and their economic value. He has published 18 peer-reviewed papers on fish ecology and has reviewed papers for many aquatic science journals. View ResearchGate Profile. 

Selected Publications & Projects
Greenwood, M. F. D. 2017. Distribution, Spread, and Habitat Predictability of a Small, Invasive, Piscivorous Fish in an Important Estuarine Fish Nursery. Fishes 2(2):6.
Wilder, R. M., J. L. Hassrick, L. F. Grimaldo, M. F. D. Greenwood, S. Acuña, J. M. Burns, D. M. Maniscalco, P. K. Crain, and T.-C. Hung. 2016. Feasibility of Passive Integrated Transponder and Acoustic Tagging for Endangered Adult Delta Smelt. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 36(5):1167-1177.
Greenwood, M. F. D. 2008. Fish mortality by impingement on the cooling-water intake screens of Britain’s largest direct-cooled power station. Marine Pollution Bulletin 56:723-739.
Greenwood, M. F. D., P. W. Stevens, and R. E. Matheson, Jr. 2006. Effects of the 2004 hurricanes on the fish assemblages in two proximate southwest Florida estuaries: change in the context of multi-annual variability. Estuaries and Coasts 29(6A):985-996.
Greenwood, M. F. D., and N. B. Metcalfe. 1998. Minnows become nocturnal at low temperatures. Journal of Fish Biology 53(1): 25-32.