About ICF

Marin Greenwood

Managing Director, Fish and Aquatic Science
Marin provides aquatic resource managers with useful quantitative information, with over two decades of experience conducting studies in applied fish ecology.

Marin is an aquatic ecologist with over two decades of experience conducting studies of applied fish ecology in the United Kingdom, Florida, and California, primarily in estuarine and freshwater habitats. His key work in California includes conducting effects analyses for the California WaterFix/Bay-Delta Conservation Plan and State Water Project Long Term Operations Incidental Take Permit Application and Environmental Impact Report; writing the biological assessment for the California Department of Water Resources Emergency Drought Barriers Project; estimating impacts and developing appropriate mitigation for the Smith Canal Gate Project; and assessing effects of the Sacramento River Bank Protection Project on fish habitats. Marin’s previous work for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission included evaluating the impact of tidal river flow regimes, hurricanes, and backwater habitats on fish and other nekton.

Marin’s Ph.D. research at the University of Stirling focused on estimating fish mortality by impingement on the cooling-water-intake screens of the UK’s largest direct-cooled power plant and subsequently estimating losses of equivalent adults and their economic value. He has published around 20 peer-reviewed papers on fish ecology and has reviewed papers for many aquatic science journals.

"Quantitative analysis of fish and aquatic resources is usually the goal, but well-reasoned and defensible qualitative analysis may be more appropriate in many cases."