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Marin Greenwood, PhD

Marin Greenwood, Ph.D.

Senior Associate

Marin Greenwood has worked on fishery issues in Scotland, Florida, and most recently in California. He conducts fishery analyses in support of environmental documentation such as environmental impact reports/statements under the National Environmental Policy Act/California Environmental Quality Act (NEPA/CEQA) and habitat conservation plans/natural community conservation plans under Endangered Species Act/California Endangered Species Act (ESA/CESA). Dr. Greenwood is also a member of the ICF biometrics practice that develops quantitative models and analytical tools to assist natural resource management and decision making, including assessments of impacts and restoration benefits. He has published 15 articles in peer-reviewed journals on aspects of estuarine fish ecology, including losses of fish at water intakes, long-term changes in assemblages, habitat associations, and effects of nonindigenous fish.

His recent experience within California includes the Battle Creek Salmon and Steelhead Restoration Project, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Alameda Watershed Habitat Conservation Plan, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Sacramento River Bank Project. Dr. Greenwood is currently one of ICF's lead fish biologists on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan.