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Dave Gerhardt
Director, Energy Power Markets

David Gerhardt is a Principal and energy analyst with over 25 years of experience in energy economics and energy engineering issues. Most of his work in energy economics has been in areas such as power plant asset valuation, wholesale power litigation, resource planning, and PPA negotiations and recontracting. Mr. Gerhardt is the lead power generation engineer for ICF’s Wholesale Power group.

As the lead engineer, one of Mr. Gerhardt roles requires the review and development of all critical data required by the group including new power plant cost and performance characteristics by prime mover type, operation and maintenance estimates, forced and scheduled outage rates, uprates, and emission rates. Most recently this has included updating solar PV and battery storage construction cost data.

Mr. Gerhardt is often the lead market consultant for private equity investors providing due diligence support. Mr. Gerhardt has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology and an MS in Energy Management and Policy, University of Pennsylvania.

Insights by Dave Gerhardt