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Dr. Scott Fleury
Managing Director, Conservation Planning

Scott Fleury has more than 20 years of experience as a research biologist and environmental consultant. His career has focused on the planning conservation and management of endangered species and habitats in southern California and throughout the state. Dr. Fleury has developed an expertise in Endangered Species Act (ESA) compliance through his role as lead scientist and project manager of many large, multispecies conservation plans in California, resulting in the conservation planning for millions of acres of California’s natural landscape as a part of the incidental take permitting process for the federal and state ESAs.

As an environmental consultant, Dr. Fleury’s skills and responsibilities include conservation planning project management; development of adaptive management and monitoring plans; collection and analysis of large-scale biological and geographic data; survey and identification of high-priority conservation areas; field studies on target species; reserve design; wildlife and resource agency negotiation; and coordination of public and private interests at the local, state, and federal levels to achieve desired conservation goals. His expertise also includes habitat and population modeling, wildlife capture and marking, population monitoring, habitat management, habitat restoration, and environmental impact assessment.

Dr. Fleury is currently working on coauthoring a new edition of the book, Understanding the Habitat Conservation Planning Process in California: A Guidebook for Project and Regional Conservation Planning.

Insights by Dr. Scott Fleury