About ICF

Leah Dinter

Social Media Copywriter, ICF Next

Leah is an experienced social media copywriter with more than two years of marketing experience and a knack for writing engaging content across various channels.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in International Business, Leah joined our team as a social media copywriter. She brings energy and expertise to the team with her knowledge of marketing, content creation, and copywriting for diverse audiences across a variety of communication channels.

Leah works in all stages of social media copy creation. She researches campaign topics to assist in campaign content matrices and social media calendar development. She takes creative concepts and translates them into content for various social media channels. These tasks require her to work with other stakeholders, such as strategists, creatives, designers, and social media experts.

As a German-American who has lived in the U.S., Germany, Spain, France, and Belgium, her international experience influences the perspective she brings to her work. Leah is particularly passionate about climate change, sustainability, and trends among Gen Z.

  • BA in International Business, SRH Hochschule Heidelberg