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Shannon Crossen
Senior Biologist, Environment
Shannon Crossen is a senior conservation biologist at ICF with 12 years of experience in conservation biology and transportation planning. She conducts conservation and connectivity assessments and planning throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. Prior to joining ICF, Shannon served as a biologist with the California Department of Transportation. 

Shannon's experience includes research and planning in habitat restoration, wildlife-roadway mitigation development, and wildlife population dynamics and distributions. She is particularly interested in wildlife connectivity assessments, design of wildlife crossing structures, wildlife-human conflict remediation, and wildlife noise impact assessments and mitigation development. 

Shannon has a strong background in biological resource planning and project management with expertise in transportation-related development and planning. She conducts biological resource impact assessments, prepares biological resource technical studies for environmental documents (NEPA/SEPA/CEQA), consults and coordinates with environmental regulatory agencies, and prepares environmental regulatory permitting and Endangered Species Act consultations.

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