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Pat Crain
Senior Biologist, Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Patrick Crain is an expert in fishery-related issues and has worked on projects ranging from Sierra Nevada Mountain Meadows, Central Valley floodplains, Central Valley streams and rivers, and studies in the Bay Delta area. His large range of experience stems from the dozens of projects he managed while working as a lab manager at UC Davis. His data management skills and proficiency in statistical analysis led to many peer-reviewed articles and reports, many of which he authored or co-authored.

Mr. Crain's expertise in fishery-related issues and his knowledge of California inland fish life histories and ecology has allowed him to step into the Bay Delta Conservation Plan process and immediately make needed contributions. He contributed to the scientific understanding of a range of key biological questions and has been able to communicate his conclusions successfully to scientific and lay audiences. His background and experience make him especially able to advise clients on fishery-related problems and to provide rigorous scientific analysis of issues related to fish and aquatic ecosystems.