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Michelle Cawley
Librarian Consultant

Michelle Cawley has more than 12 years of experience in education, consulting, and library settings. She provides research and reference services to staff through searches in online bibliographic databases, primarily in health and medicine. Her research efforts have focused on the PubMed database and the toxicological databases available through the National Library of Medicine's TOXNET. Ms. Cawley also has experience performing searches through Dialog, Web of Science®, and the U.S. Environmental Agency's (EPA) evergreen database, Health and Environmental Research Online (HERO).

Ms. Cawley manages the development of comprehensive literature reviews for preparation of IRIS toxicological reviews for various substances, which includes application of EPA's systematic review framework. She is also an experienced instructional designer and has developed several risk assessment training courses on human health risk assessment for EPA and currently supports EPA's National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) in developing the EPA-Expo-Box website—a resource for exposure and risk assessors that guides users through various exposure assessment topics in a user-friendly format and includes a searchable database of more than 800 resources.