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Jake Buikema
Senior Vice President, Strategic growth, Digital Transformation
Jake Buikema serves as the senior vice president of strategic growth for ICF’s Incentive Technology Group (ITG) division. For the past 4+ years, his new business team has been responsible for the sustained 50%+ CAGR performance of the division. Jake is passionate about driving the highest possible return on investment for the division’s new business activities. 

Jake has more than 15 years of experience bringing innovative solutions, strategic partnerships, and creative contracting strategies together to address clients’ mission and business challenges.  Prior to joining ITG in 2015, he spent 11 years at Lockheed Martin as an engineer, consultant, and capture executive where he led many large-scale corporate-focus pursuits for civilian, defense, international, and classified customers. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Operations Engineering from the University of Michigan and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Maryland, College Park.