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Judsen Bruzgul, Ph.D.
Senior Director, Climate and Resilience
Judsen Bruzgul has been analyzing potential impacts from climate change and connecting insights to management and policy decisions since 2002. As a senior director at ICF, he helps clients assess vulnerabilities and manage risks from a changing climate and extreme weather to infrastructure and natural resources in the U.S. and abroad. Judsen’s expertise includes translating climate science into practical information for decision making, conducting risk assessments for assets and operations, analyzing costs and benefits of resilience actions, and supporting long-term planning for climate adaptation and resilience. 

Judsen currently leads a portfolio of work assessing risks and building resilience to extreme weather and climate change with energy utilities across the U.S. Prior to joining ICF, he was a visiting fellow with the American Meteorological Society Policy Program, working on projects to improve how communities access and utilize information to help build resilience. He also worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, developing and implementing resilience policy recommendations for the U.S. Judsen earned his doctorate from Stanford University in biological sciences and has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College. 

Insights by Judsen Bruzgul, Ph.D.