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Insight, Innovation, and Optimization: Does Your Energy Efficiency Program Have It All?

Put ICF to Work for You!

ICF is a global advisory, professional services, and technology solutions firm committed to creating beneficial impacts in areas critical to the world's future. In demand side management (DSM), we have amassed an unparalleled track record of success in planning, developing, administering, and implementing award-winning energy efficiency (EE) programs and portfolios as well as demand response (DR) programs. This success complements our long history of supporting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) ENERGY STAR® program and other federal EE initiatives for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other agencies.

Let's put our experience, internationally recognized expertise, proprietary analytics, and innovative technology platforms to work for you. ICF partners with our clients to increase program participation, deepen customer engagement, and drive up savings while driving down overall cost. Working together, we can help optimize your program portfolio to exceed your business objectives.

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DSM Program and Portfolio Optimization

Our optimization techniques grow from ICF’s Advise, Execute, Innovate approach to achieving superior program, customer, and regulatory results for clients. In applying DSM program and portfolio optimization, we partner with you through four steps:


Using our unique insights and proprietary tools, we perform extensive analyses to identify the optimal portfolio of program and measure mixes to help you strike the right balance between cost-effectiveness, budget availability, market penetration, and savings targets.

  • Energy Efficiency Potential Model—Calculates the technical, economic, and achievable potential of a wide range of energy efficiency upgrades under alternative incentive, program design, and planning scenarios. We have used this model for developing DSM projects, programs, and portfolios to help many utilities with their regulatory filings.
  • DSM Optimizer—Conducts sensitivity and uncertainty analyses as well as large-scale algorithmic optimization on various inputs to optimize programs and portfolios that result in the highest savings for the least cost.
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Building on the results of our portfolio optimization planning, we leverage insights from our proprietary Strategic Intelligence Management System to drive superior program value. We allocate outreach resources more effectively and craft messaging that compels your customer base to action. Our proprietary customer analytics increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your programs by:

  • Identifying customers with a high propensity for action—customers likely to benefit from the program and bring value to the utility from their participation
  • Aligning outreach channels and messaging to enhance uptake from priority customer segments
  • Propelling the customer's energy efficiency journey through timely, next-best-offer recommendations
  • Optimizing lead generation and management to deliver a world-class program participation experience for your customers and trade allies
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We help you to engage and empower your customers by sending compelling content at the right time through the most impactful channels. This end-to-end engagement approach can measurably improve customer experience, enhance satisfaction, increase positive word-of-mouth, lower cost to serve, and drive up participation across all of your programs. 

  • Customer Journey Mapping—Mapping produces a sophisticated and empathetic understanding of your customer's program and process experience, which helps identify and remove barriers to participation. 
  • Tally—This proprietary omni-channel platform enables loyalty and customer advocacy through powerful data-driven insights, expert strategic consultation, innovative communications, and robust technology. 
  • Intelligent Campaign Management—Cross-program messaging is coordinated to maximize the effectiveness of your total marketing spend. 
  • ICF Connect—Robust, sophisticated, and integrated customer relationship management solutions collect and capture data that drive insight.
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We bring our 20+ years of experience to deliver the right combination of proven strategies, innovative approaches, and emerging technology solutions for you. And we do not stop there. We continually assess and improve marketing, program design, trade ally management, incentives, and customer care processes to optimize results every step of the way.

  • Customer Account Management—Our industry-seasoned professionals help your customers identify DSM opportunities, facilitate connections with trade allies, and assist with applications—making participation easy.
  • Advanced Trade Ally Management—You can train, track, evaluate, manage, and improve trade ally performance by using ICF's Learning Center, tools, and other management resources.
  • Business Support Services—ICF works with trade allies to help optimize their business processes to provide a solid foundation for participation and program growth.
  • Power RebateTM App—With our industry-first app that streamlines the rebate application process, you can significantly increase in-field quality assurance and quality control as well as customer and trade ally satisfaction.
  • Integrating Emerging Technologies—The Internet of Things, social media, the explosion of smart devices, and other trends have drastically changed the utility landscape in the past few years. ICF is continuously evaluating new technologies and approaches to bring additional energy savings, boost customer and trade ally satisfaction, and enhance engagement to align with today's consumer and business expectations.
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Award-Winning Programs

With 20+ years of experience in offering a full spectrum of services in the energy space, ICF has implemented more than 150 diverse DSM programs in the residential, low-income, multifamily, small business, commercial, industrial, agricultural, institutional, and government sectors for utility companies, regional authorities, states, and provinces across North America. No other firm in the energy field can match our longevity, breadth, and depth of experience. To maximize your program results, we combine our experience with technical expertise and insights gained from world-class analytics. ICF-managed EE programs have been awarded nearly 60 national program recognitions for our clients in the past five years alone.

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In the United States, ICF has delivered successful programs for nearly all of the top EE portfolios in the country, including National Grid, Eversource, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, CenterPoint, Energy Trust of Oregon, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, and Southern California Gas Company.

We also administer 11 major outsourced EE portfolios for clients that include Baltimore Gas & Electric, Pepco Holdings Inc., SCANA Corporation, Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Consumers Energy, DTE Energy, Georgia Power, and American Electric Power/Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

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Across Canada, we support utility programs and analytics for dozens of clients, including SaskPower, Toronto Hydro, Enbridge Gas, Union Gas, NS Power, BC Hydro, Fortis BC, NRCan, and Independent Electricity System Operator. We bring this North America-wide perspective to everything we do—from benchmarking best practices to planning, developing, administering, and implementing programs that exceed goals at lower costs.

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In the EU, ICF supports the European Commission in formulating and evaluating energy efficiency policies, for example: contributing to the Energy Directorate General’s Heating and Cooling Strategy using our industrial energy efficiency process modelling techniques; and helping to check compliance across the 28 EU Member States with the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive. ICF manages the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Evidence Base for Energy Using Products, helping UK government officials to understand the economic impact of EU proposals for energy and environmental performance regulation of domestic and industrial products under the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives.

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For more than 20 years, ICF has been a significant contractor in supporting and helping grow the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® program. ICF's subject matter experts in technology, market sector outreach, and program administration have helped ENERGY STAR® become a leading symbol for energy-efficient products and buildings. We support ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes, ENERGY STAR® Buildings, ENERGY STAR® Labeled Products, and EPA's Clean Energy Policy and Programs. Our team delivers technical assistance, training, marketing support, and outreach to thousands of ENERGY STAR® manufacturing, retail, utility, and other partners throughout the United States. ICF is also a contractor for the DOE's Better Buildings program—a unique experience that informs our perspective on building enduring success for your programs. Let's extend your reach and magnify your success by connecting you with these national initiatives and the network of participating manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service companies, and other organizations.

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In the emerging area of climate smart policy and programs, we were among the very first firms to provide clients with data-driven analysis of how EPA's Clean Power Plan may affect their programs. Taking this insight to action, we also advise utilities on how to evolve their DSM programs to increase their value as a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction strategy. ICF can help you to maximize your success today, and evolve your approaches and offerings for the future.

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Leadership in Your Region

ICF has more than 5,000 employees serving commercial and government clients out of more than 70 offices worldwide. Our North American team of energy efficiency experts covers every corner of the United States and Canada. We partner with you to bring the best practices and thinking from across North America. Our team of professionals reduces your labor cost and decreases your exposure to staff turnover risk. Meet our regional team of experienced leaders: 

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Domain Expertise and Innovation

ICF puts our nationally recognized senior leadership team and technical sector leads to work side by side with you to help every step of the way. Meet our energy efficiency division leadership team: 

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