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Transforming Federal IT Procurement Through Digital IT Acquisition Professional Training (DITAP)

Digital transformation is challenging. Doing it well and responsibly requires the right tools and expert guidance. Equipped with both, ICF is proud to be one of the first to support DITAP. Our Dynamic Learning Platform is a flexible solution that leverages an Agile approach for complex digital training needs to help transform how the U.S. government delivers services to citizens and businesses.

Developed with the U.S. Digital Service (USDS), this new learning approach is a departure from traditional instructional design, using a dynamic method that blends the typically segmented, step-wise design and delivery phases. With an emphasis on application, demonstrated learning, and transformational culture change, Dynamic Learning Platform participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to serve as the primary catalysts for change within their U.S. government organizations.

Dynamic Learning Platform training participants benefits from:

  • Customized learning to help ensure adaptability to participant needs and flexibility through iterative releases
  • Scalability and sustainability, which in turn helps reduce the need for costly course revisions
  • The same innovative, flexible design principles for digital services that they will procure for future U.S. government digital initiatives
  • A mix of learning modalities to reinforce habit creation and critical thinking
  • Access to edX open source learning platform, providing a single source for all tools related to the program

Get training faster. Invest in your long-term career development today.


For questions about DITAP, contact David Birken

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