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Energy Asset Services

What if you could confidentiality identify the most valuable assets for an improved rate of return? As markets, technology, fuel supplies, and environmental policy change, energy assets and portfolios require more intensive evaluation and management to identify the most resilient short- and long-term options. Meanwhile, renewable resources and energy storage are also changing traditional approaches.

Our energy market consultants can help you navigate these waters by offering actionable information about the value, as well as the interrelated cost and risk drivers, behind your current and potential future assets. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to analyze potential participation and rate of adoption.

Asset Development Advisory Services

Sophisticated, actionable information about the value, cost, risk, and market drivers behind energy assets.

As the grid becomes more integrated and decentralized, the valuation of current and planned assets is much harder. It can be challenging for utilities to know where, when, and how to build new assets. When project participants merge or acquire new assets, they need operating data that validates the integrity of their decisions for internal and external stakeholders.

Our team—outfitted with full-service marketing, forecasting, and environmental regulatory compliance specialists—considers due diligence from financial, contractual, technological, environmental, and performance perspectives. With this multidimensional understanding of prospective technologies and risks, you’ll make confident, data-driven investments capable of withstanding the most intense scrutiny.

Asset Transaction and Optimization Services

Our cross-cutting market and technical expertise give clients the insights they need to succeed in the increasingly complex and dynamic energy sector.

Investment opportunities abound in the complex world of power generation, gas midstream, and transmission assets. Success requires a clear perspective on associated value propositions, risks, and costs. That’s why, from data to methodology to subject matter expertise, we take a multidimensional approach to developing your procurement strategy.

Whether we’re conducting a performance audit or assessing market potential, our opinions and insights leverage data from proprietary and third-party sources—ones that examine every aspect of the power and fuel sectors. To provide a comprehensive perspective on opportunities and challenges, our power and gas experts integrate with other ICF energy team members in distributed energy, environmental compliance, independent engineering, and demand-side programs.