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Reduce program and portfolio expenditures

Sightline helps you identify strategic areas for improvement from national benchmarks.
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Drive deeper customer engagement with real-time insights

Increase customer participation and satisfaction by as much as 200% in underperforming segments, sectors, or geographic areas, and demonstrate the value of your customer programs.
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Integrate with existing and future IT

With Sightline’s integration layer and standard connectors with your systems and best-of-breed solutions you’ll spend less time troubleshooting interfaces and more time learning what your customers need.
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Seamlessly deploy, manage and optimize programs

Monitor customer program performance via a central console in order to make decisions that are mutually beneficial. Then, develop data-driven campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time.

A 360-degree view of your energy programs

Sightline marries user-friendly portfolio management with robust analytics using key features like:

Advanced simulations

Leverage advanced energy modelling to estimate consumption and demand.
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Central analytics

Access actionable insights from customers, trade allies, programs, and portfolios in one place.

Mobile access

Monitor customer engagement activities on the go with Sightline’s mobile app.

Secure integration

Connect disparate systems through a secure, central hub.

“With Sightline, we have instant access. We use it to target exactly what customers want, which offers huge cost-savings on the marketing front.”

Jeff Shaw
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)

How Sightline bridges the utility data gap


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