The platform to explore decarbonization scenarios and move beyond pathways to achieve your climate and clean energy goals

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Fast-start materials

Quickly explore decarbonization pathways using established tools, processes, and data based on 50 years of planning and implementing climate and energy programs.
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Flexible sector-specific models

Dive deep to quantify GHG reductions, costs, and benefits for decarbonization measures—technologies, policies, and programs—customized to your needs.
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Engage your stakeholders

Drive action with confidence and build your case to stakeholders and the public through clear outcomes and data visualizations.
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Real-world outcomes

Identify measurable actions, policies, and programs that balance costs and benefits.

Wired for high stakes GHG emissions decision-making to drive action

CO₂Sight® harnesses decades of ICF’s experience designing energy and climate policies and programs—across sectors and technologies—into a unified scenario analysis environment ready for your input. Explore decarbonization pathways to assess future scenarios through an integrated platform environment backed by ICF’s experts—using publicly available, vetted data, or your own data. Move beyond just a pathways analysis to understand the costs and benefits of GHG reduction measures. Customized to fit your needs, CO₂Sight delivers a proven approach and compelling and interactive data visualizations using our integrated cloud analysis environment.

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Link climate pollution and energy planning to policy and program design

Directly correlate GHG plan goals and targets to programs and policy designs to meet those targets. Analytics include program design/potential analysis, rebate recipient targeting, load impact analysis, implementation tracking, and impact reporting. Visualize different program designs and incentive levels, and compare outcomes to address increasing usage in electric vehicles, building heating and cooling, and industrial processes—while still providing solutions that are cost-effective and target those who need support. 
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Geographically scale and map data to do priority planning

Use the calculation power of CO₂Sight to evaluate and compare decarbonization pathways and specific measures in the near- and long-term. Experiment with scenarios to define needed degrees of efficiency, efficient electrification, and zero emissions vehicle use while staying in the range of feasibility. Then integrate with changes in energy supply resources and other GHG emitting sectors. Scale from the state or territory-level, metropolitan regions, and cities and counties to understand coordinated action and target Justice40 areas.
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Stay ahead of customers’ rush to electric energy by forecasting demand and tuning delivery. Visualize investment strategies and programs to address increasing usage in electric vehicles, building heating and cooling, and industrial processes while still keeping customer cost down and your profits up. CO₂Sight tracks the policy and technology factors of your electrified future while informing adjacent issues like decarbonization and the role of gas based solutions.
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Customer insights and incentives

Understand how end-users and stakeholders value energy efficiency, resilience, reliability, rate-affordability, and GHG emissions reductions. CO₂Sight leverages behavioral economics, market research, and years of participation experience to understand willingness-to-pay to various offers, initiatives, and policies ensuring your programs are supported and impactful. CO₂Sight further helps you develop rebates and incentives that are “just right”, and informs evolution of program offers over time.

Scenarios you can see

Use CO₂Sight and link to your GHG inventory and other models to develop comprehensive climate action plans to assess and visualize outcomes for:

  • GHG emissions and targets
  • Energy demand and supply
  • Costs and benefits (customer, organizational, and societal)
  • Disadvantaged communities benefits
  • Equity and energy access
  • Air quality and public health
  • Economic development, share of wallet, and jobs
  • Incentive scenarios and levels

Forged in the decarbonization and energy planning field

CO₂Sight is built on consulting experience in both public and private sectors.
Fairfax County, Virginia
Natural Resources Canada
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control
Loudon County, Virginia
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The impact of electric vehicles on climate change

Learn how we used CO₂Sight to project the future impact of EVs on GHG emissions and the electric grid.

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