Develop a line of sight toward your decarbonized future with CO₂Sight, the only analytics and action planning framework with ICF expertise built in.

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Fast-start materials

Move quickly using established processes and documentation based on 50 years of implementing climate and energy programs.
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Broad model library

Analyze interdependencies for your specific organization, sectors, programs, and technologies.
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Visual dashboard

Drive action with confidence and build your case to stakeholders through clear data visualizations.
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Real-world outcomes

Identify policies and programs that are specific, actionable, and measurable for your organization.

Wired for high stakes energy and GHG emissions decision-making

ICF CO₂Sight harnesses decades of ICF’s experience designing energy and climate policies and programs—across sectors and technologies—into a unified scenario analysis environment ready for your input.

Screen at a high-level or take a granular look at sectors of interest. Compare alternative scenarios and building an optimized pathway to an end goal. Assess relative costs of integrated reduction solutions. Then educate external stakeholders and set priorities to make your business case and drive action.

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Use the calculation power of CO₂Sight to visualize programs that meet your regulatory requirements even while forecasted factors are shifting. Experiment with scenarios to define the right degree of electric energy and vehicle use while staying in the range of feasibility for your operation. Then see your long term plan accounting for building, transport, and power generation on the same platform.
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Stay ahead of customers’ rush to electric energy by forecasting demand and tuning delivery. Visualize investment strategies and programs to address increasing usage in electric vehicles, building heating and cooling, and industrial processes while still keeping customer cost down and your profits up. CO₂Sight tracks the policy and technology factors of your electrified future while informing adjacent issues like decarbonization and the role of gas based solutions.
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Distributed energy resources (DERs), energy efficiency, and demand response

Visualize how DERs will help you shape and manage customer-sited assets to benefit your customers and the grid. Determine the value of individual or a portfolio of DERs. Automatically account for broad factors like photovoltaic, storage, demand response, efficiency, and more. Design, optimize, and deploy flexible DER programs that will scale and help you achieve your clean energy goals.
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Customer insights and incentives

Understand how end-users and stakeholders value energy efficiency, resilience, reliability, rate-affordability, and GHG emissions reductions. CO₂Sight leverages behavioral economics, market research, and years of participation experience to understand willingness-to-pay to various offers, initiatives, and policies ensuring your programs are supported and impactful. CO₂Sight further helps you develop rebates and incentives that are “just right”, and informs evolution of program offers over time.

CO₂Sight structure

cosight architecture

Scenarios you can see

Choose from a menu of models that work together cohesively to visualize outcomes impacting:

  • GHG emissions
  • Energy demand and supply
  • Costs and benefits
  • Equity and energy access
  • Air quality and public health
  • Economic development and jobs
  • Return on investment
  • Competitiveness
  • Utility rates

Forged in the field

CO₂Sight is built on consulting experience in both public and private sectors.
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Your sector, your factors

Energy and GHG emissions sources

  • Electricity production
  • Ground transportation
  • Industrial
  • Cogeneration
  • Agriculture
  • Land use
  • Aviation
  • Natural gas extraction, transportation, and use


  • Solar

  • BTM storage

  • Heat pumps

  • Electric vehicles

  • Energy efficiency

  • Demand response

  • DERs

  • Renewable natural gas

  • Hydrogen

  • Electrification

Local market assumptions

  • GHG emissions factors

  • Customer demographics

  • Equipment saturation

  • Baseline practices

  • Market maturity

  • Grid and distribution system capacity and costs

  • Regulatory policy

  • Rates

  • Community policy and commitments

  • Stakeholder perspectives

Programs and policies

  • Incentive programs

  • Codes and standards

  • Procurement policies

  • Financing

  • Technical support

  • Awareness

  • Labeling

  • Benchmarking and disclosure

Benefits and costs

  • Program delivery costs

  • Energy, capacity, locational, and temporal savings

  • Customer O&M savings

  • Grid flexibility and diversity value

  • GHG emissions reductions and valuation

  • Resiliency improvements

  • Health impacts

  • Job creation

  • Water and land use impacts

Co2Sight was recognized with a 2022 Environment+Energy Leader Top Product Award for excellence and innovation in providing organizations with environmental and energy benefits.

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