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Program Metrics & Performance Management

ICF helps program managers demonstrate the value of government funding through rigorous analysis of performance and investment management.

We work with clients to develop a clear plan for successful program outcomes by integrating planning, budgeting, and operations. By drawing measureable connections from budget processes to program outcomes, we enable clients to make better decisions, manage costs, and achieve their goals.

We also partner with United States lawmakers and program managers to develop performance-based metrics that measure and communicate the effectiveness of their programs and public investments.

Our integrated approach to performance management enables clients to harness the collective potential of their people, processes, and technology into tangible value. Our performance management services include:

  • Addressing critical human capital issues through skilled workforce analysis and development
  • Developing consistent evaluation criteria to shift the focus from tactical outputs to substantive outcomes
  • Linking individual performance to organizational success by helping managers identify gaps in staffing and develop new training requirements

Our expertise also includes using tools such as Lean Six Sigma®, as well as refining existing processes in support of continuous improvement initiatives.