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Identifying Cybersecurity Potential Could More Quickly Grow the Cyber Workforce

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Feb 2, 2018
The United States faces increasing threats to the cybersecurity of the Nation. Yet, current cyber workforces are ill-equipped to manage the risks and costs associated with growing cybercrime and cyber espionage. A change is needed in how organization’s approach building their cybersecurity workforce. One way is to identify individuals with “cyber-potential.” 

ICF’s job analysis and testing experts have identified a preliminary list of capabilities to indicate a propensity for cybersecurity work, and advise that organizations need a valid and reliable assessment that will measure those capabilities within the context of cyber tasks. 

In this white paper, ICF’s experts discuss:
  • why this is a critical concern for organizations
  • how organizations can respond to cybersecurity shortages by identifying individuals with cyber-potential
  • the characteristics of cyber-potential, and
  • an innovative approach for assessing those characteristics. 
ICF offers robust test development and validation expertise to develop innovative, client-proprietary assessment tools, including high-fidelity simulation. We have developed assessments for over 100 job classes, ranging from technical to managerial jobs, and we specialize in high-quality assessments that include computer animation and/or video components. In addition, ICF has in-house cyber expertise and deep domain capability. ICF’s cyber team represented the U.S. in the Global CyberLympics World Finals where they took second place.