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Sightline: A 360-Degree View of Your Energy Program

Actionable lines of sight provide a clear view to optimize programs

Amidst new cost pressures, emerging competitors, shifting regulatory landscapes, and technology advances, the utility-customer relationship is more important than ever before. As customers become increasingly aware of alternative energy options, utilities must deliver personalized programs, offerings, and experiences that are informed by a deep understanding of their needs.

Sightline™ is designed to support diverse energy programs and put those insights right at your fingertips. This comprehensive, centralized platform marries portfolio management and robust analytics with our deep industry knowledge, expertise, and proprietary benchmarks.

This 360-degree view of customer data enables program teams and customer care agents to develop data-driven campaigns that deliver the right message at the right time — which means you can spend more time designing and delivering effective energy programs and less time sifting through disparate systems of data.

Sightline Results At-A-Glance

35 million+

customers optimized for personalized experience and participation

1 billion+

in customer engagement touches

Up to 50%

increase in response rate and program participation

10 million+

MWh in energy savings

$1 billion+

in incentives distributed

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