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Solutions and Applications

Cut Score Simulation Service

Available for download soon

ICF has developed a unique simulation service that can assist agencies in designing their selection processes and setting cut scores. Agencies can use this service to improve the efficiency of a variety of selection processes, including hiring, promotion, and certification. 

For each selection scenario under consideration by an agency, ICF creates a model and runs simulations to develop estimates of the number of incorrect rejections in total and by protected subgroup. The simulation works by replicating each selection scenario a thousand times, thus providing highly precise estimates of selection outcomes.

Using this service provides a variety of benefits:

  • Lowered testing costs
  • Implementation of a legally defensible methodology that mitigates risks associated with legal action
  • Improved reputation of testing agency, thereby attracting highly qualified candidates

ICF works closely with agency representatives to learn about the organization, provide cut score options based on simulated data, and assist the agency with selecting the cut score that best meets its needs. Each consulting engagement takes about two months to complete.

Cut Score graphic