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Defining and Applying 'Triangulation' in the Water Sector

How Water Companies can use Different Sources of Customer Evidence in Business Planning

Jul 7, 2017

CCWater commissioned ICF to conduct this study to help identify how water companies can use triangulation across multiple sources of research and data to build a wider and more in-depth customer evidence base. Water companies improved their evidence gathering for the last periodic review (PR14), but some were overly reliant on willingness-to-pay (WTP) research to inform their business planning. Ofwat and other stakeholders in the water sector, recognise that there is significant potential to draw evidence from a wider range of sources in order to supplement existing estimates, and generate new perspectives and insights to help water companies to understand their customers better.

In practice, triangulation simply means using multiple and independent measures to examine a hypothesis or conclusion being investigated, with the intent of using multiple perspectives to minimise bias and maximise validity.

Download the full report to read more about the findings.

By Joe Sunderland
Vice President, Economics, Home Affairs and Environment