ICF International Awarded $16 Million in Environmental Services Contract Capacity with Caltrans

Fairfax VA


Apr 26, 2016

ICF International (NASDAQ:ICFI), a leading provider of professional services and technology-based solutions to government and commercial clients, was recently awarded two new on-call contracts by the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The contracts have a combined maximum value of $16.1 million and each has a term of four years.

The first contract supports Caltrans District 1 and has a maximum value of $10 million; the second supports Caltrans Districts 2 and 3 has a maximum value of $6.1 million. Under both agreements, ICF will provide a wide range of on-call environmental services to support Caltrans’ North Region in the maintenance, development and construction of its proposed transportation facilities.

Specific tasks include assisting Caltrans with the preparation and processing of documents and supporting technical studies to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other environmental requirements, providing regulatory permitting and project mitigation planning services and conducting construction-phase monitoring. 

ICF’s significant presence in Northern California, depth of technical talent and breadth of staff capabilities will enable the firm to mobilize large field efforts quickly and efficiently within the tight timelines anticipated for task orders under these contracts. In addition, ICF’s strong process management and strategy expertise will play an important role in helping the Caltrans Districts navigate the high concentration of complex regulatory processes and challenges presented by some of their projects.

“ICF has a long history with the North Region and we have provided varying levels of environmental services support to Caltrans as a whole since 1998,” said David Freytag, senior vice president for ICF International. “The selection of ICF for these two North Region contracts in addition to our current on-call services support to the Central Region (Districts 5 and 10), Southern California (Districts 7, 8 and 11), as well as Caltrans Headquarters on policy, training and guidance continues to solidify our position as a leader in environmental services within the state and across the Northwest region of the United States.”

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