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Restoration and Conservation

ICF applies leadership and innovative problem solving to help clients with restoration and conservation of natural areas in full compliance with environmental regulations.

ICF has more than 40 years of hands-on experience in wildlife habitat conservation in the U.S., working to conserve and re-create environmental areas for natural resources, including:

  • Wetlands
  • Wildlife areas
  • Rivers, lakes, and shorelines
  • Forests
  • Fisheries
  • Parks

Our experts focus solely on sustainable environmental solutions. We have dedicated careers to helping clients create self-sustaining and dynamically functioning natural habitats in harmony with human population growth.

ICF’s environmental restoration and conservation expertise includes engineering, biological analysis, hydrology, policy analysis, climate change analysis, regulatory compliance, and community outreach. We offer a unique blend of local presence and national reach and understand the complex interplay of transportation, energy, and environment.

From sophisticated modeling to charting migration patterns with geographic information systems (GIS) to analyzing and responding to public opinion with our proprietary CommentWorks® software, ICF appropriately employs the latest technology to achieve our clients’ restoration and conservation goals.