Employee well-being: Three ways to implement a positive approach within your organization

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By Katrin Homer
Katrin Homer
Principal Consultant
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Adaptive leadership for a changing world
Oct 5, 2021

Organizations need to update reactive well-being programs that no longer support employee needs. It’s important to recognize employee health and hardwire well-being strategically into your system.

Well-being should be folded into job roles, incorporated into the conversations, and made a part of the everyday fabric of working life. Those fundamental culture changes can better support your organization through a proactive well-being approach.

The first step to a proactive approach is to put well-being at the heart of your hybrid strategy for the future of work. In this guide, we share three practical ways to implement a more positive—and proactive—approach to employee well-being within your organization.

Download the guide to learn how to:

  • Find and personalize your organization’s well-being story 
  • Create support structures that encourage meaningful relationships
  • Boost overall social well-being across your organization
  • Guide managers to have productive well-being conversations
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