Today's fleet planning complexity: The added dimension of new technology aircraft

By Samuel Engel
Senior Vice President, Aviation

At ICF, we understand that when change is on the horizon, both opportunity and complexity are not far behind. Which is why ICF experts work directly with our clients to help them manage change to minimize disruption while maximizing the positive impact of industry turbulence.

This paper offers an insightful example. Here, ICF aviation expert Samuel Engel explains today's fleet-planning complexity and advises airlines on best practices for the changes expected with the introduction of new technology aircraft. With decades of experience in fleet planning, ICF understands the complexities that need to be addressed and the questions that need to be asked to help our clients optimize fleet composition.

Download the paper to learn how to determine the right time to bring on new technology aircraft, the steps in the fleet planning process, and the life expectancy of a fleet plan.

Meet the authors
  1. Samuel Engel, Senior Vice President, Aviation

    Samuel is an expert in airline economics and strategy with more than 20 years of experience. View bio

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