Hydrogen's essential role in the decarbonization of aviation

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Hydrogen will likely play a central role in the future of aviation, but the scope and nature of this role will be driven by complex factors across multiple industries. In the past few months, the EU, U.S., Japan, and numerous organizations have announced bold plans to stimulate and nurture the development of the hydrogen industry.

What will the next few years tell us? Hydrogen can be created and consumed via a number of approaches, each with different sustainability, economic, and practical attributes. Each approach has pros and cons, which our experts explore in this paper.

Read on for an in-depth look at:

  • Building a virtuous supply and demand cycle of sustainable hydrogen
  • Designing airport infrastructure to handle hydrogen
  • Delivering a commercial hydrogen offering for aircraft

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Meet the author
  1. Alastair Blanshard, Director, Sustainable Aviation

    Alastair leads the sustainable aviation team at ICF, supporting companies and governments across the global industry to reduce the environmental impact from aviation.  View bio