Disruption dilemmas: Navigating uncertainty in airport business plans


ICF aviation experts offer perspectives grounded in the experience of their careers in the industry. Looking backwards for answers using econometric modelling is not always the right approach, as we've seen in the past 5+ years where forecasting airport business plans has involved structural change, capacity issues, policy change, or external shocks. In this white paper, the head of ICF's airports practice shares our best advice for airport owners and investors in this unpredictable and volatile world.

Click Download for a brief overview of five general approaches that are used in today's airport business plans along with three recent examples help to illustrate the type of business plan shock (think Brexit) that airport investors and operators may be facing.

Meet the authors
  1. Kata Cserep, Vice President and Global Managing Director, Aviation

    Kata is a leading expert in global aviation, serving clients in government, the private sector, the investment community, and industry associations. View bio

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