COVID-19: Fleet outlook and impact on lessors and MROs

COVID-19: Fleet outlook and impact on lessors and MROs
By Yann Cambier, Stuart Rubin, Allan Bachan, and Miquel Andujar Barbany

From traffic demand to fleet requirements to maintenance and repair, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the aviation industry. What can we expect from fleet size and aircraft platforms over the next three to five years? COVID-19: Fleet Outlook and Impact on Lessors and MROs illustrates the implications of a decrease in aviation air traffic over the short-and medium-term. You’ll learn:

  • The outlook for domestic and international air traffic recovery.
  • The future of airline fleets, including narrow-body aircraft.
  • The implications of COVID-19 on four key aviation markets.

Download the paper to discover ways to adapt aviation business models and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic with renewed focus.

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Meet the authors
  1. Yann Cambier, Principal, Aviation

    Yann is a consultant with more than a decade of experience in aviation. View bio

  2. Stuart Rubin, Vice President and Managing Director, Aviation

    Stuart specializes in asset valuation, aircraft market research, asset management, and lease analysis. View bio

  3. Allan Bachan, Vice President and Managing Director, Aviation MRO Operations

    Allan has more than 30 years of experience as an expert in aviation maintenance and engineering; maintenance, repair, and overhaul; and supply chain solutions and systems domains. View bio

  4. Miquel Andujar Barbany, Senior aviation consultant