Navigating COVID-19

Our emergency management and public health experts offer guidance for state and local leaders on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to all the episodes here.

Topics discussed on the podcast

COVID-19 presents state and local officials with immense public health and emergency management challenges. In this podcast series, our experts share advice and updates on topics including how to leverage federal funding, preparing for the disaster season during the pandemic, and the public health impacts.

Public health

How to leverage federal funding to cover health and medical costs and bolster mental health services in response to COVID-19.


How state and local governments can take advantage of public assistance funding from FEMA and HHS.

Disaster preparedness

How emergency managers—along with businesses and communities—should be thinking about and planning for concurrent disasters.


Helping businesses and governments understand what’s covered, what’s not, and how COVID-19 will affect the future of the insurance industry.

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