Everybody active, every day

Everybody active, every day
A review of the national physical activity framework for England.

How can England embed physical activity into the fabric of daily life and make it the easy, cost-effective, and ‘normal’ choice for every community in the country? The Everybody Active Every Day (EAED) is the national physical activity framework for England, and it aims to improve physical and mental health and reduce health inequalities by increasing physical activity levels across the population. Published in October 2014, the EAED framework calls for action across four specific domains of:

  • Active society.
  • Moving professionals.
  • Active environments.
  • Moving at scale.

What progress has been made towards implementation of the Everybody Active Every Day framework? We were commissioned by Public Health England (PHE) to find out, five years after its publication. Our review assesses progress towards the implementation of EAED and includes the co-production (collaboratively with national and local stakeholders) of future opportunity areas to accelerate the scale and impact of EAED over the next five years. Read our report to learn more about the implementation of the framework and the opportunities in the following themes:

  • Integration of physical activity in strategies and policies.
  • Guidance on collaboration and partnership working.
  • Available resources for the scale of the challenge.
  • Opportunities around the four key domains of the framework.