Environmental restoration tools and technology

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By Kristen Hazard, Nancy Douglas, Cristina Grosso, Sarah Pearce, Jon Walker, and Kevin MacKay

Environmental restoration practitioners often find themselves in a state of constant discovery—working in dynamic ecosystems full of plants, animals, and microorganisms. As technology continues to advance, how can the variety of tools available provide added value to your projects?

This 1-hour webinar shares some proven technologies for use throughout a restoration programs’ life cycle: from concept, permitting, and implementation to monitoring and long-term maintenance. 

Our ICF experts and specialists from Wildnote and the San Francisco Estuarine Institutes (SFEI) provide a deep dive into multiple real-world applications of technology. The event covers:  

  • The integration of technology services such as drone survey integration, electronic data collection, and interactive web-based tools for data visualization and real time reporting (WayPoint).
  • Recent updates to Wildnote (a cloud-based platform for collecting environmental data) such as vegetation data collection, photo documentation, and wetland assessments. 
  • A demonstration of California EcoAtlas, a free public access database developed and run by SFEI to compile information about the quantity and quality of California wetlands.  
  • Following the 1-hour webinar, presenters share a tutorial and live demonstration of EcoAtlas.
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Meet the authors
  1. Kristen Hazard, Founder and CEO, Wildnote
  2. Nancy Douglas, Director of Customer Success, Wildnote
  3. Cristina Grosso, Program Manager, Environmental Informatics Program, San Francisco Estuary Institute
  4. Sarah Pearce, Geomorphologist, San Francisco Estuary Institute
  5. Jon Walker, Lead Analytics and Technology Specialist, ICF
  6. Kevin MacKay, Practice Leader, Ecosystem Restoration Planning & Design

    Kevin is a senior restoration ecologist and leader in Ecosystem Restoration Planning & Design practice with more than 25 years of experience conducting site assessments, developing mitigation strategies, and preparing and implementing conceptual and detailed designs. View bio

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