Turning Locational Value Into Real Dollars

Turning Locational Value Into Real Dollars

Understanding the locational value of distributed energy resources supports utility solutions that can save costs, strengthen customer relationships, and enhance program cost-effectiveness. In this paper, ICF presents our efficient approach to determining locational value, as well as a case study of how we used our analysis to find higher distribution avoided costs for one utility.  We show how these kinds of findings can be leveraged into creating more cost-effective utility programs, targeting efforts to locations with the greatest grid benefit, and ultimately delivering more value both to utilities and customers.

Meet the authors
  1. David Pickles, Senior Vice President: Strategy, Energy, Environment, and Infrastructure

    David has more than 30 years of experience advising clients on utility resource planning, energy efficiency, demand-side management, non-traditional product and service development, and operations of unregulated utility subsidiaries. View bio

  2. Steve Fine, Vice President, Distributed Grid Strategy + ICF Climate Center Senior Fellow

    Steve brings over 30 years of experience working at the confluence of energy, environment, and economics to evaluate and design workable solutions to our biggest energy challenges. View bio

  3. Kevin Duffy, Manager, Innovation Pilots

    Kevin helps clients forge the utilities of the future, elevating customer engagement and seeking new technologies. View bio

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