Quantifying the locational value of DERs


By harnessing Distributed Energy Resources (DERs: EE, DR, Solar, Storage, CHP, Electric Vehicles) in the right way, utilities can reduce costs, constrain rate pressure, and enhance relationships with their customers through more effective programs. The key to harnessing the introduction of DERs to the system is finding their true locational value. ICF’s work with multiple utilities and the case study with one North American utility that we present shows that this type of analysis can reveal meaningful differences in value in different locations and across different combinations of DER. Understanding this value can enable utilities to develop more cost-effective programs that maximize real world benefits.

In this Webinar, ICF:

  • Presents the locational value findings of our case study
  • Shows how locational value leads to more cost-effective utility programs
  • Provides guidance on how utilities can turn locational value into meaningful program targets

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