SMECO, BGE, and PHI talk smart home technology

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By Jennifer Raley, Eric Riopko, Kevin Thompson, and David Meisegeier

Our homes now have a wide range of “smart” options: TVs, speakers, ovens, refrigerators, laundry machines, etc. Beyond the thermostat, can utilities ultimately benefit from automation and smart home technology?

Listen to leaders from SMECO, BGE, and PHI (Delmarva Power and Pepco) discuss this complex topic. After running smart home pilot programs for two years, what did these companies learn about their customers’ choices and energy savings? And were these results measurable? Explore how your utility can use home automation for energy conservation and demand management.

In this webinar you’ll also:

  • Discover new opportunities for customer engagement and smart home technologies.
  • Hear insights from the smart home pilot programs, including product selection, program deployment, and customer engagement tactics.
  • Learn how electric utilities are bridging the gap between energy efficiency, demand response, and smart home technology.

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Meet the authors
  1. Jennifer Raley, Energy and Technology Programs Manager DSM, SMECO
  2. Eric Riopko, Manager Residential Energy Efficiency Programs, BGE
  3. Kevin Thompson, Senior Program Manager, PHI
  4. David Meisegeier, Vice President, Finance and Smart Homes Programs

    David helps innovate customer-centric energy programs that meet utilities’ current and future needs, with nearly 30 years of experience in the energy industry. View bio