Residential light bulb market: Regulatory activity and market transformation

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By Shana Doby
Senior Manager, National Products Team
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What We Know About the Lighting Backstop

How will the residential light bulb market and utility-sponsored residential lighting programs react to recent regulatory and legal activities?

Until recently, the future of light bulb efficiency standards was shadowed by uncertainties in the regulatory landscape. While some uncertainty remains due to additional regulatory activities and lawsuits against the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), recent rulings published by DOE allow us to see more clearly on several key issues. Download this white paper for a fresh look at:
  • The final definition for general service lamps (GSLs);
  • The impact on efficiency standards now that the 45 lumen per Watt (lm/W) backstop wasn’t triggered;
  • Whether states have the authority to enforce a more stringent standard than the federal government;
  • Active DOE regulatory activity on light bulb efficiency standards;
  • Opposition to DOE’s regulatory activity, including lawsuits;
  • Potential changes to standards and estimated timeline projections; and
  • The impact of utility programs on the light bulb market.
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  1. Shana Doby, Senior Manager, National Products Team

    Shana supports the implementation of residential energy-efficient products programs, leveraging more than two decades of experience in national retail merchandising and marketing. View bio