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What We Know About the Lighting Backstop

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By Shana Doby
Senior Manager, Energy Program Implementation

What does the future hold for light bulb energy efficiency standards? Only the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) can say for certain.

The Department has yet to announce the outcome of the recent rulemaking process for general service light bulbs—specifically, whether or not it already has or will enact a Backstop Requirement that would make LED bulbs the de-facto standard, significantly impacting energy savings opportunities from utility-sponsored residential lighting programs beginning January 1, 2020.

The jury is still out, but that doesn’t mean we’re in the dark. Download this white paper for a deep dive into:

  • The current state of the rulemaking activities;
  • Market share trends and projections for light bulbs; and
  • What it could mean if the Backstop Requirement is (or isn’t) triggered, and potential timelines for its conclusion.

By Shana Doby
Senior Manager, Energy Program Implementation

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