Meet Senior DER Advisor Tom Mimnagh

Meet Senior DER Advisor Tom Mimnagh
Mar 18, 2019

Tom Mimnagh recently joined ICF as senior distributed grid strategy project advisor. Tom will focus on growing our distributed energy resources (DER) services and supporting utilities as they work to optimize their strategies for an ever-evolving industry.

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Steve Fine, vice president and DER business lead, spoke with Tom about his experience and what he brings to ICF. Here’s what he had to say:

Steve: You’re a well-known DER guru with a wealth of experience in utility distribution planning and DER integration. Tell us a little about yourself and your experience.

Tom: Thanks Steve. I’m passionate about supporting utilities as they enable DER in a proactive, yet thoughtful way. I spent over 3 decades at Consolidated Edison (ConEd) in a variety of leadership roles and most recently served as a senior member on their Utility of the Future team. In this role, I represented ConEd in the New York Reforming the Energy Vision process and gave technical and strategic guidance to ConEd and the Joint Utilities of New York in their interactions with stakeholders and the New York Public Service Commission.

“Tom brings a wealth of knowledge in utility planning, operations and business models. His ability to combine the technical details with the strategic perspective will allow ICF to serve our clients in an even more comprehensive way.”

- Phil Mihlmester, EVP and head of global energy for ICF

I also oversaw the design and construction of the electric distribution system used to supply new business infrastructure in NYC, and have a lot of experience in engineering, construction, emergency operations, control center operations, customer service, and electronic communications.

All of this has given me a clear understanding of the technical and regulatory impacts of DER in the energy industry and where it’s going from here.

Steve: Where do you see opportunity in the DER space?

Tom: U.S. and global leaders are driving advancement in renewable technologies and seeking to increase efficiencies of resource utilization. Two approaches to this is (1) the adoption of DER, including renewable, storage, and load management technologies as part of utility programs, and (2) incorporating change in existing utility planning practices. Such change strikes at the core of utility investment decisions, design practices, and their existing business models. There is clear opportunity for consulting firms like ICF to enable and facilitate effective change while partnering with utilities and regulatory agencies as they seek to create new business models and adopt to evolving technology solutions.

Steve: With such an illustrious career in the utility sector, what made you choose ICF?

Tom: ICF has been working with the Joint Utilities in NY for several years, so I’ve seen firsthand the company’s continued success in providing technical and regulatory support across a wide variety of planning and operational issues related to DER integration. I also had a chance to meet and connect with a number of long-term ICF energy professionals. They all seem to enjoy their work and are passionate about this industry. I’m excited to be in such good company.

Steve: The experience you bring will help ICF expand its integrated distribution planning expertise and capabilities around integrating DER onto the system, especially in areas such as hosting capacity, locational value, interconnection, and forecasting. We’re truly happy to have you on board. Welcome to ICF!

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