Community Solar, Let It Shine


At ICF, our consultants work with industry clients to make the most of new opportunities that can help build sustainable solutions for their businesses, their customers, and the communities they serve. With trusted data and insights from ICF, our clients are able to take a critical look at market trends and move forward with informed strategies and plans for future offerings.

Case in point: Customer interest in solar energy continues to grow. Community solar programs offer the option of supporting renewable energy and sharing in the benefits of solar energy without installing solar on-site. Community solar can be a cost-effective resource that is accessible to all ratepayers, provided compensation is based on the real value solar provides to the grid.

In this paper, ICF experts in energy sector transformation and the economics of conventional and renewable energy resources collaborate to discuss the benefits of community solar programs and the opportunity they represent to establish a fair and equitable rate for solar that allows for the recovery of utility fixed costs and recognizes the benefits that solar brings to the grid.

Download ICF’s analysis on why the community solar market shows no signs of slowing down and how utilities can use it to help customers exercise choice and control over their energy use.

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