CHP for Microgrids: Resiliency Opportunities Through Locational Analysis


At ICF, we understand the complex challenges our clients face, especially when multiple priorities demand critical attention. Our consultants and the data-backed insights they bring to the table have become an irreplaceable resource to organizations that must be able to address immediate needs while planning a more resilient future for their communities.

As an example, recent superstorms have propelled governments, utilities, and end users to push for microgrid investments to increase power reliability, resiliency, and energy security. Interest is surging for resilient community microgrid networks that connect critical loads like hospitals, fire and police stations, emergency shelters, and gas stations, and some states are implementing incentive programs to encourage the development and deployment of community microgrids. In fact, natural gas combined heat and power (CHP) systems are an ideal microgrid anchor.

In this paper, ICF energy market planning experts detail use of a locational analysis tool for community microgrids that can evaluate potential configurations for economics and local resiliency benefits to help identify specific locations and strategies for development.

Download the paper for expert analysis of community microgrid benefits and building microgrid foundations.

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