How to advance energy affordability with an integrated utility strategy

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Utilities are only as strong as the communities they serve, which makes achieving energy affordability more than just the right thing to do—it makes it a business imperative.

An integrated approach to energy affordability allows utilities to achieve a triple bottom line that strengthens disadvantaged communities, reduces carbon emissions, and bolsters the utility financially. In this paper, industry expert Val Jensen makes the case for a bold, whole-of-utility approach to energy affordability. Topics covered include:

  • Practical ways to assess and enhance affordability in utility operations
  • How to establish specific equity metrics and goals
  • Key challenges to anticipate and plan for as you develop your strategy
  • Examples of promising pilots that can serve as a model for utilities across the country

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Meet the author
  1. Val Jensen, Senior Fellow, Energy Advisory, Policy, and Program Implementation

    Val is an energy and utilities specialist with more than 40 years of experience tackling the most pressing issues faced by the utility industry. View bio