How to unlock access to federal disaster assistance

How to unlock access to federal disaster assistance

A natural disaster like a hurricane could cause major complications for overburdened officials trying to navigate the trifecta of a COVID-19 health crisis, deploying emergency operations, and complying with federal funding requirements. The burden is on state and local officials to ensure that they're in compliance.

Knowing the ins and outs of the full suite of disaster funding from the federal government can mean the difference between getting the financial help you need—and missing out.

Join ICF’s disaster management experts to:

  • Review funding that is available now to help you prepare.
  • Review funding that may become available after a disaster declaration.
  • Find out how to help educate and support stakeholders on the funding requirements.
  • Discuss the potential consequences that come from failing to prepare.
Meet the authors
  1. Lauren Nichols, Senior Director, Disaster Management

    Lauren is an expert in community development and disaster management with over 14 years of experience. View bio

  2. Michael Junell, Senior Director, Public Assistance

    Michael is a public assistance expert with more than 15 years of experience in project and operations management. View bio