CDBG mitigation funding: The criticality of planning and coordination

CDBG mitigation funding: The criticality of planning and coordination

In order to take full advantage of the forthcoming Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) allocations, government officials will need to plan extensively and coordinate efforts among the many stakeholders involved in mitigation and resilience. Proper planning and coordination can also enhance the impacts of other mitigation, resilience, development, and conservation work beyond the life of the CDBG-MIT grant—so it’s well worth taking the time to do it right.

Read this paper to learn how planning and coordination can help grantees:

  • Enhance existing mitigation and resilience plans and/or data sets
  • Change policy to help reduce risks from future disasters and maximize resilience approaches
  • Increase governance efficiencies by institutionalizing cross-sector, cross-jurisdictional, and cross-agency collaboration
  • Implement important public infrastructure projects that will reduce risks to life, property, and critical environments
Meet the authors
  1. Lauren Nichols, Senior Director, Disaster Management

    Lauren is an expert in community development and disaster management with over 14 years of experience. View bio

  2. Brandy Bones, Vice President, Disaster Management + Senior Climate Center Fellow

    Brandy Bones is committed to helping communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters. View bio