CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice quick guide for 2020 and 2021 disasters


To create consistency across the administration of multiple disaster allocations, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) created the Consolidated Notice. The February 2022 Notice was the first Consolidated Notice, and it represented a significant change to CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT requirements. Subsequently, HUD published a May 2022 Notice and, most recently, a January 2023 Notice. All three Notices cover disasters occurring in 2020 and 2021.

HUD continues to organize the Federal Register Notices in the following way:

  1. Allocation Announcement Notice (AAN)
    • Allocation
    • Use of funds
    • Overview of the grant process
    • Applicable rules, statutes, waivers, and alternative requirements
    • Duration of funding
    • Appendix A: Allocation methodology
  2. CDBG-DR Consolidated Notice (Appendix B)
    • Grantees receiving funds for 2021 disasters can refer exclusively to the January 2023 Notice for requirements that apply to CDBG–DR awards for 2021 disasters. Also, HUD made amendments to the Allocation Announcement (AAN) portion of the Notice to reflect the terms of the 2023 Appropriations Act, but the Consolidated Notice (Appendix B) remains unchanged from what was published in the May 2022 Notice.

Key takeaways for the Consolidated Notice

  • The Notice allows for use of administrative funds across multiple grants as well as interchangeability of program funding in overlapping Most Impacted and Distressed (HUD- MID) areas.
  • This Notice lifts the previous prohibition on the use of CDBG-DR funds by privately-owned, for-profit utilities, subject to additional requirements in HUD’s December 12, 2022 Memo.
  • The one-year time limit on reimbursement for pre-award and pre-application costs for potential applicants has changed. For 2021 disasters, the incurred expenses can occur within one year after the applicability date of the May 2022 Notice that announced the initial allocation of CDBG–DR funds (or within one year after the date of the disaster, whichever is later).
  • There are two ways to access the additional 2021 disaster allocations in the Notice, either by substantial amendment to the approved Action Plan or by submitting one Public Action Plan that includes any combination of allocations announced in this Notice and the May 2022 Notice.

Download the guide and use it to navigate the requirements in the January 2023 Notice. Filter by chapter, category, or section to quickly find a summary of the requirements and the page number in the Notice for reference.

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