How to address cyber workforce gaps

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There is an urgent need for cyber professionals. Reports warn that there will be 1.8 million unfilled cyber positions by 2022.  Cybersecurity skills are ever-evolving, and industries from academic institutions to the armed services continually struggle to keep up. 

This webinar poses solutions for closing this knowledge and people gap, identifying skills, and propensity for successful cyber workers,  creating long-term job satisfaction in the industry.  Topics include:

  • Holistic skill assessment: soft skills may be a better indicator for cyber success than technical prowess.
  • Competency mapping: what skills do they have now and where can they go next? Long-term thinking promotes longer, more satisfying cyber careers.
  • Assessment structure and planning: what aptitudes align with successful cyber work? How often are skills and aptitudes assessed? How do these assessments align with global industry standards?