Identifying cybersecurity potential could more quickly grow the cyber workforce

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By Jennifer Harvey

The United States faces increasing threats to the cybersecurity of the nation. Yet, current cyber workforces are ill-equipped to manage the risks and costs associated with growing cybercrime and cyber espionage.

A change is needed in how organizations approach building their cybersecurity workforce. One way is to identify employees with “cyber-potential” and develop an internal talent pipeline.

ICF’s job analysis and testing experts have identified a preliminary list of capabilities to indicate a propensity for cybersecurity work, and advise that organizations need a valid and reliable assessment that will measure those capabilities within the context of cyber tasks.

In this white paper, ICF experts discuss:

  • why this is a critical concern for organizations
  • how organizations can respond to cybersecurity shortages by identifying individuals with cyber-potential
  • the characteristics of cyber-potential, and
  • an innovative approach for assessing those characteristics.

Meet the author
  1. Jennifer Harvey, Director, Human Capital

    Jennifer is an expert in workforce and human capital and research and evaluation in the public sector with over 20 years of experience. View bio