CEO Sudhakar Kesavan on staying agile in the middle market

Jul 25, 2018

Sudhakar Kesavan, CEO of ICF, discusses how business leaders in the middle market can excel in a digital age.

How does a company compete in today’s professional services bidding arena? How do you grow a team from 200 people to 5,000?

Sudhakar Kesavan, CEO of ICF, discusses this and more in his latest podcast with Middle Market Executive. The in-depth conversation about his personal journey, beginning when he joined the firm 35 years ago as a chemical engineer and rose in ranks to chief executive, Sudhakar shares lessons learned along the way.

From leveraging advisory services relationships to ICF’s recently expanding customer engagement and analytics roles in the commercial sector, hear how business leaders can identify crevasses in the midmarket -- and use those opportunities to grow in the public and private sectors.

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