In-person Event

AAPOR 78th Annual Conference

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, Philadelphia, PA
May 10–12, 2023

ICF is proud to continue our active support of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) as a Platinum Sponsor and an active contributor of 13 research papers and posters.  

This year, our experts will provide insights on a wide variety of topics, including innovative recruitment and survey design methods, improving response, increased sampling and data collection efficiency and advanced techniques for imputation and developing propensity models. We’re contributing our skills and experiences to discussions on topics like detecting falsification in research and the future of Random Digit Dialing (RDD). Our presentations highlight our commitment to providing the quantitative and qualitative data critical to making decisions that impact and improve lives, from children and adolescents, to professionals and establishments, to people seeking treatment for substance use.  

At ICF, survey managers, methodologists, and subject matter experts work together with digital strategists, data scientists, and creatives to solve complex challenges. Our diverse teams provide unmatched survey research and substantive expertise, commitment to best practices, and cutting-edge data capture and coordination capabilities to help our public and private sector clients navigate change and shape the future.  

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