In-person Event

Society of Toxicology 62nd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo

Nashville Music City Center, Nashville, TN
Mar 19–23, 2023
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ICF helps clients locate, collect, manage, evaluate, analyze, and interpret health, toxicology, and other data for human health risk assessments and decision-making. Our solutions integrate our expertise, innovation, and comprehension of our clients' missions and goals. We support the management and documentation of the important process details to ensure success.   

  • Literature search and screening technologies  
  • Systematic literature review  
  • Toxicology and epidemiology data analysis  
  • Statistics and biostatistics  
  • Dose-response evaluation  
  • Exposure modeling  
  • Data visualization  
  • Risk assessment  
  • Impact and benefit valuation

Visit our booth #1303 

ICF experts will be onsite and presenting at the Society of Toxicology 62nd Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. Stop by booth #1303 to see how we can help or visit one of our posters!

  • Scoping report and interactive evidence map on studies of environmental exposures, psychosocial stressors, and cardiovascular diseases in disproportionally affected populations
    • Presenter: Samantha Snow | Co-Authors: Kate Helmick, Wren Tracy, Anthony Hannani, Melissa Miller, Courtney Lemeris, and Grace Cooney 
  • Systematic evidence mapping to inform class-based approach to assessing the impact of personal care products on pubertal timing
    • Presenters: Katie Duke and Amanda Ross | Co-Authors: Chris Sibrizzi, Robyn Blain, Kristen Magnuson, Courtney Lemeris, and Wren Tracy
  • Principles and application of informatics approaches from systematic evidence mapping to systematic reviews in support of environmental health decision-making 
    • Presenter: Ashley Peppriell | Co-Authors: Kate Helmick, Robyn Blain, Anthony Hannani, Wren Tracy, Grace Cooney, and Chris Sibrizzi 
  •  An informatics approach to inform a class-based analysis of health effects associated with exposure to organohalogen flame retardants 
    • Presenter: DTT |  Co-Authors: Kate Helmick, Robyn Blain, Anthony Hannani, Ashley Peppriell, Wren Tracy, Grace Cooney, and Chris Sibrizzi 
  • The Environmental Health Language Collaborative (EHLC): A community effort to harmonize data use and sharing 
    • Presenter: Samantha Hall | Co-Authors: Jessica Wignall, Steven Black and Parisa Shirzadi 
  • Risk assessment syllabus 
    • Co-Presenter: Jessica Wignall
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  • Public health
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